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Skoki's Frozen Yogurt + Belgian Waffles in Banff

Apr 25, 2014 by:
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Mountain life

new family owned and operated frozen yogurt and belgian waffle shop opened a couple of doors down from my studio called Skoki's. This could be dangerous. It's at 109 Banff Avenue and features 16 different flavours of frozen yogurt, belgain waffles made while you wait and a big variety of fruit, chocolate, and candies to put on top. You can choose either a waffle or a cup and then serve your own frozen yogurt combining flavours as you wish.

Everything is self serve so you can choose however many flavours of yogurt you want and pick your favourite toppings. You pay based on the weight for 61 cents per oz. You load everything up as you want it and weigh it at the cash register.

At the moment they are open from 11am - 10pm and they have a lot of seating inside. I'm excited about that part because sometimes I want to visit with a friend in the evening over something sweet but sitting down in a restaurant over a piece of cake doesn't seem appropriate.

Getting to choose what candy, whipped cream, maple syrup, hot chocolate syrup, or sprinkles you want makes you feel like a kid.

Wall mural by Edmonton artist Jason Blower. You can purchase some of his prints that are hanging on the walls.

Framed prints by Edmonton artist Jason Blower can be purchased.

My waffle cup below was well stocked with "birthday cake" frozen yogurt, smarties, gummy bears, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles. I didn't fill the entire cup. It came to just over $5. If you fill your cup you are looking at about $8-10.

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