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hen I have a day off at home in Canmore I often have the following things on repeat. Bakery, bike ride, tacos, and hikes to Grassi Lakes.

The sunshine cleared out the bike path early so we've been enjoying bike rides from Three Sisters to downtown. Sunshine one day and snow the next meant we hiked up to Grassi Lakes to enjoy a winter wonderland. We are very close to the taco truck opening up soon for the season in May and that to me feels like the official start to summer when we can ride our bikes down and eat tacos outside. This is the 3rd season for PD3 by BLAKE and now that the Flagship BLAKE restaurant is open the bus is going to switch up the concept a bit so I'm curious to see what this season will bring.

My favourite place to get coffee and baked goods in Canmore is Le Fournil. A perfect place to start the day and we often grab their baguette sandwiches to enjoy outside for lunch later in the day.

Grassi Lakes is my favourite walk in Canmore. It's only 45 minutes or less to reach the gem coloured lakes and beautiful views. It's gorgeous in any weather and in my opinion a must see in Canmore. I've seen families hiking up with kids of all ages so it's definitely a good family friendly hike as well.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of PD3 by BLAKE in Canmore this May where they will be serving up yummy tacos from the window. Rumour has it that this 3rd season will bring some new inspiration and new concept for the bus now that the Flagship BLAKE restaurant is open so I'm curious and excited to see what that will be.

One of the most beautiful bike paths exists in Canmore that can take you from downtown Canmore to Three Sisters on a wide paved pathway that winds through the mountains and follows the river. It is a stunning ride and the perfect way to spend time outside. If you don't have your own bike with you stop by Rebound Cycle to rent one of their well maintained bikes from their perfectly positioned shop and friendly staff.

While in Canmore you'll likely spot some of the famous Canmore bunnies.

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y favourite bakery and coffee shop in Canmore is Le Fournil. They offer handmade in house baked breads, croissants, baguettes, macarons, sweet treats and my favourite coffee in Canmore.

When Kevin and I went to Spain on our honeymoon 16 years ago I asked for a hot chocolate and was delighted to be presented with what felt and tasted like a melted chocolate bar. I have often fondly remembered that experience and was thrilled when one day at Le Fournil they announced their hot chocolate made in that same style so it feels as though you are sipping on a melted not too sweet chocolate bar. Make sure to try a shot of it when you visit. I adore their croque crossiant for a lite lunch or breakfast and often times we pick up one of their baguette made that morning sandwiches to take with us for afternoon hikes.

The ladies are friendly and welcoming and their beautiful french accents make me feel like I'm on vacation.

Le Fournil suffered greatly during the Canmore flood and many people thought the bakery would not return after such loss but so many begged for their return and were thrilled when they opened doors to reveal their newly designed bright space.

If you are after the fresh baked bread and croissants it's best to arrive early because locals come weekly to stock up on the great display of fresh baked goods.

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Plant Shop Calgary

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ne of the things that I love about Plant in Inglewood is that there are new plants and items arriving weekly. This week they got a fresh supply of snake plants in which have been on my wish list for a long while because they are known to be low maintenance and able to thrive in low light.

Next time you are in Calgary stop by Plant for some inspiration. I'm finding I particularly love having lots of indoor plants in winter.

The warm temperatures inspired me to pick up seeds to start in our home later once it is closer to spring. Kevin found the hilarious miniature meerkat for our terrarium.

Our new Snake Plant! I love that at Plant once you pick out your plant and your pot you can pay to have it planted in the shop for you so you don't have to worry about buying a huge bag of soil for just one pot. It's lovely to be able to come home and set your plant in it's spot right away. Snake Plants are known for air purifying qualities and for being low maintenance. They are thought to be a good plant for beginners since they tolerate a lot.

The house shelf, deer, ceramic pot and plant are all from Plant in Calgary.

I love the patterns on the leaves of our Snake Plant.

Kyle Chow the creator of Plant designs and plants these incredible terrariums that remind me of paintings. They are so relaxing to look at and such beautiful pieces of art.

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Monday in the Mountains

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